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product detail Part Number: BF-MC-LS1L
Quantity: 1 Liter
Description: Maxicrop seaweed is a natural fertilizer that goes right to the heart of the plant, encouraging natural growth processes and boosting health. When sprayed onto plant leaves, or used to drench roots, it produces more roots: the bigger the root system the more nutrients and water the plant can absorb. Maxicrop products have benefits for the propagating process. It’s natural growth stimulants initiate cell growth and cause vigorous growth of both root and stem. The trace elements our products contain are important at this stage: in enzymes, as activators of enzyme systems, and as stimulants. Long known and used by farmers for its rich value, seaweed feeds plants with a wide range of nutrients, growth bio-stimulants and conditioners. Harvested along the Norwegian coastline - the most perfect seaweed growing environment - this is an organic, non-pollutant renewable resource. It stimulates natural development. By increasing the levels of your plants' chlorophyll production, Maxicrop stimulates their natural development and growth. In effect Maxicrop functions as a catalyst to let our plants use the sun's energy more effectively, thereby promoting stronger, healthier growth.

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